eCommerce solutions & Custom Development

eCommerce NI are specialists that develop intelligent and scalable eCommerce stores and web applications. From cutting-edge web software to custom development projects, we accelerate and help sustain digital growth for your business.

Our services include, eCommerce, custom web applications, enterprise applications, SAAS solutions, Cloud-based solutions, CMS (content management systems).

UX/UI Development

Web design is not only about the look and feel of the business on the web. It’s also about making your customers’ experience and journeys easy and intuitive,  as they are learning more about your products and services and navigate through your business online.

Our goal at eCommerce NI, is to make your users engage with your website, either through online shopping, consuming content or contacting your business.

Step 1, User experience analysis: we research and qualify your customer, their behaviour and user needs, establish pain points and opportunities to help you improve your digital business and customer experience.

Step 2, we will validate ideas and opportunities,  prototype a working solution in line with your business needs and opportunity.

Step 3, user interface design and responsive design a new product with a best-in-class user experience and demonstrate to you and your business.

Step 4, implement the improved digital product to your business and online customer experience to help achieve business and commercial objectives.

3rd Party Integrations

We grow your online with our exclusive experience, partnerships and access to third-party integrations across all your logistical, technical, and commercial marketing needs.

Our integration service helps businesses improve operations to become more efficient.

Examples of integrations we cover include; shipping, payments analytics, marketing, customer subscriptions, social media, Google shopping experience and many more.

Store Customisation

Every aspect of your eCommerce store can be customised by the team at eCommerce NI, to efficiently take care of your specific business needs to include; feature requests, custom design, third party integrations, business identity, brand guidelines, customer and product needs, product shipping, stock and inventory, finance integrations and so much more.

Our specialist eCommerce team have considerable experience and professional training in all aspects of eCommerce customisation and integrating intelligent and efficient tools and software to optimise your online store, help your business make more money online and save you more time.

Plugin Configuartion

We work with and have a comprehensive track record of successful us with eCommerce plugins.

Our eCommerce development team install, configure and maintain software updates and help preserve the ongoing cybersecurity for your online store.

An online plugin can be redundant, inefficient or not performing as intended if not installed and configured correctly, our software architects save you and your business time, effort and any headaches that will benefit your business and your online customer experience.

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Maintenance and security

Your online eCommerce store is no different to your new home, new physical business premises or indeed your new car for that matter.  They all need protection, regular maintenance and updated periodically.

Think of it like moving into a new house. At first everything is shiny, new and clean.  After a while though, dirt builds up, the washing machine isn’t quite doing its job and the wardrobe or shower door is closing properly.

Having an eCommerce store is much like this. You need to keep up eCommerce maintenance on the site to make sure you have the best online presence possible.

Maintaining your eCommerce site is not just replacing a colour scheme or marking products as out of stock. It’s about creating great content, keeping it safe from online hackers, protecting customers, ensuring it is technically optimised for Google search and more.

The point of having an eCommerce website is to make online sales. So, naturally, failing to keep your website properly maintained can lead to loss of sales and a negative customer experience.

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