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Mobile applications

Modern, powerful, and effective mobile applications

Are now a necessity for businesses to thrive. Our team of developers have experience constructing apps that serve as incredible marketing and communications tools, drive sales, and provide businesses with invaluable analytics.

Why do I need a mobile application?


Billion pounds (GBP) in UK consumer spending on APPS in 2021.


Daily time (hours) spent on mobile activities in the UK.


Nearly half the consumers who use retailers’ apps do so to get notifications about promotions with additional spending and impulse buys of 53.3%.

Sources: STATISTA & Retail Insight network 2022.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Mobile App?

Direct Communication

Having a mobile application gives you the unique ability to communicate direct to the customer by using push notifications/content you can put the information you
want people to see right in their pockets.


Analytics are key to helping your business grow. Mobile applications provide you with invaluable information about your customers behavior, from how they're engaging with your app, to where they use your app, and even average sale per session.

Improve Customer Service

Apps don't just offer one-way communication. They also give your customers a quick and easy way to provide their feedback, which you can then use to further improve your business.


Because mobile apps provide such detailed analytics, you can geotarget with extreme accuracy. That way you can promote certain products or services within a given area.

ASO (App Store Optimization)

Don't think any time spent developing content for your mobile app will be wasted. Google now ranks mobile application content so it will have a direct effect on your ASO ranking.

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*Mobile app development starting from £7500, price subject to change based on scope, business requirements and customisation required.